Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear 2 years old iman hariz

Marilah update blog yang ditinggal seabad lamanya. Sebenarnya selalu je depan pc tapi masa Iman tido.bila dah tido mommy Iman dirundung kemalasan pulak lalu membuka movie yang telah didownload seabad lamanya untuk ditonton. Tu pon in between masak dan keje2 surirumah tangga yang tegar tu kan. Kalau ada Iman,mmg x leh touch pc (pc duduk sorang2 dalam bilik k,kena kunci).

So sempena birthday Iman yang ke-2 ni,mommy rajinkan diri ini :)

mommy and tok mi creation

So, Iman. This is mommy's speech for you for your 2nd birthday.

Dear Iman Hariz,

I cannot believe 2 years had flown since you have been part in my life. Now you loves running around which sometimes drives me crazy especially at shopping mall where mommy cannot happily do shopping as you my dear lil hero is running everywhere...sigh...

If mommy holds your hand and direct to where you don't want to be, almost automatically your 'rubber leg' would emerge. Stroller as you all guess would be shopping trolley withOUT the person who supposed to be in there. But sometimes mommy buat hati kering letak je dalam stroller and almost everytimes mommy do unladylike 'punch-in-air' when you succesfully strap in that stroller.Tok Mi pon sama haha

muka ceria birthday boy yang
melarikan diri dari sikat rambut

But you love it when mommy read to you even it is only 3rd page and you yelled 'abisss!!'.
You love to read books in your term looking at colorful pictures but dislike when mommy curling with Sophie Kinsella novel as it will make mommy ignore you. Well dear, mommy is like that when mommy reading k. Ask Tok Mi.

You love it when mommy sings selawat and lullaby you to sleep while hugging you tight. Even sometimes mommy have to stop and drink water because mommy's throat so dry from all that singing, but you still insist (wa akbar -- Allahu Akbar).

You are not yet fluent at speaking.few words here and there. Latest is 'Ya Allah' (pronounce yo ollah)as you mimicking mommy say that when you are naughty haha

iman with his birthday present from atuk din

Your favourite channel is Oasis. (you even insist Oasis at Kedai Mamak..sighhh..).You insist on 24hr (wa akbar -- Allahu Akbar). Mommy can see you reading Al-Quran early.Amin. By now you just don't know pronouncing the word but you recognize it especially Al-Fatihah as you continue 'iyya' at the precise moment as it should.

You love it when mommy take pictures of you. You pose handsomely, cheekily in front of the camera for one seconds and the next second running towards mommy to see your picture. When you old enough mommy will give you mommy's old camera (not my dslr k honey hehehe). I can see you inherit mommy's creative gene in photography (haha mommy puji diri sendiri)

You love it when mommy take you to playground or park. Climbing is your passion and mommy watch you exploring the surrounding. Sometimes mommy have to stop from shielding you from danger as it will stop you from learning something new. You see mommy sits quietly watching but secretly mommy ready to spring into action if anything happens to you. Oh yes, mommy do survive occasionally heart attack from your falling,near falling, all-creative-stunts you pulled etc etc. Wonder how much do I really have until you reach 18 haha worried about that later. You also love to pick flowers or lalang even grass to give to mommy whenever we are outside. Is it a way of saying thank you to mommy?

Whatever it is mommy loves you so much dear..

Mommy wonder did you know you are going to be a big brother?Cause when mommy ask you say mommy you say baby instead hurrrrmmm

Apa2pon Mommy LOVES you very very very very muuuuccch

cake cutting :)

bile agaknye nk sambut birthday ngan ayah huhu


  1. awwww...sweetttt...

    happy birthday iman :) be good boy,k...aunty and kyra sentiasa mendoakan yang terbaik untuk iman :)

    to farah...congrats :) u take a good care of urself and baby dlm perut tu tau :)

  2. heee thanks hanin dear.u pon take care k :)

    iman : thanks auntie hanin. mommy masih teringat2 sandwic auntie buat masa birthday kyra

  3. happy bufday iman cayang.

    waaaaaah iman nak jadik abg ke?

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