Thursday, May 8, 2014

Irfan Faaeq :)

4 years fast forward......

One boy become THREE BOYS.

Yeah please imagine the house of 3 small, growing little boys..little bosses!

Pengsan kejap....

Introducing Irfan Faaeq..2nd edition to our lil family.

Born on June,2011. 3 years gap with Iman.

He scream so loud the moment he was born said my mom because she can hear the scream from the waiting room at the hospital...


He is in this phase independence is his motto but pfffttt.. he is driving mommy crazy when it comes to ifnot category. He can be a social butterfly but he will be super shy when you met him the first time. Super shy like the other day when my cousin Memen & Wawan came,  he hid his face behind toy car bonnet for good 10 minutes? I dont know how he can stand to be in that position lol. He loves to bug me when i am cooking, resulting to kulit kentang in my Sup Daging sebab nak tiru mommy haiilaaa

He will be 3 this time flies..

He loves to dress up..everyday after bath is nightmare to me because he refuse all mommy's choices and stick to several of his choices of shirts and pants!! He loves smart looking shirt and his choices of t-shirts are jerseys! And he is only 3!!! Sometimes he demands to wear shirt and insisted that he is going to work like ayah. Loves cars, balls, guns, special agent oso. If we just bought a new toy, he will sleep with it. toy guns and cars share his pillow but not anyone else. But my mom said  " ala..dulu mommy dia penah tido dengan basikal baru 3 hari"......

err...ok...eherm moving on

He loves his brothers but then i am still learning on how boys play with each other. As the only girl in the house.. i play cars, ace with toy gun, wrestling everyday not to mention running around the house at the sound of boys fighting or if there is way too quiet.. yeah yeah i become paranoid  BUT for a very good reasons...

Pengsan lagi adoi

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