Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evening walk with Iman

Let's take an evening walk with Iman Hariz.

We make a routine to have evening walk everyday around 6. except when its raining of course. its been raining for 2 days(monday and tuesday). For the last 2 days, mommy is forced to wear tudung even inside the house because he insist on going outside for our routine. Tak pasal2 je kan. So when the sun finally up and smiling we put on our shoes and head outside.

The activities consists of mommy running after Iman who loves to run (mana main jalan2 neh), taking pictures of Iman enjoying the walk( mostly the pics of his back!), Iman making naughty faces while running when he spots water nearby(aiyoh..sume lecak yang bertakung je dia nak pegang)and playing at the playground.

We just walk around our house area then up to 2nd phase(the newly opened condo), and lastly playground near the clubhouse. Manage to take few pictures of him when we go round and round the water fountain, roundabout and stalking every cat existed at the area. Iman suka buat bunyi kucing gatal bila nampak kitty :p

as usual running from mommy

iman give cheeky "catch me if u can" smile

iman checking out bike **hint to ayah**

nampak air kat fountain tp x sampai

daun mana petik tuh?!!



@ playground

iman yang suka naik tangga

main air

kena paksa duduk atas picnic table

duta vitagen


  1. ohhh rindu iman!!
    dah boleh yak dah? hehe

  2. skarang dah tuka susu so dah lancar dah haha :D
    bila mau datang kl?

  3. kak, comel giler iman...dh besar dahhhh