Thursday, May 8, 2014

Irfan Faaeq :)

4 years fast forward......

One boy become THREE BOYS.

Yeah please imagine the house of 3 small, growing little boys..little bosses!

Pengsan kejap....

Introducing Irfan Faaeq..2nd edition to our lil family.

Born on June,2011. 3 years gap with Iman.

He scream so loud the moment he was born said my mom because she can hear the scream from the waiting room at the hospital...


He is in this phase independence is his motto but pfffttt.. he is driving mommy crazy when it comes to ifnot category. He can be a social butterfly but he will be super shy when you met him the first time. Super shy like the other day when my cousin Memen & Wawan came,  he hid his face behind toy car bonnet for good 10 minutes? I dont know how he can stand to be in that position lol. He loves to bug me when i am cooking, resulting to kulit kentang in my Sup Daging sebab nak tiru mommy haiilaaa

He will be 3 this time flies..

He loves to dress up..everyday after bath is nightmare to me because he refuse all mommy's choices and stick to several of his choices of shirts and pants!! He loves smart looking shirt and his choices of t-shirts are jerseys! And he is only 3!!! Sometimes he demands to wear shirt and insisted that he is going to work like ayah. Loves cars, balls, guns, special agent oso. If we just bought a new toy, he will sleep with it. toy guns and cars share his pillow but not anyone else. But my mom said  " ala..dulu mommy dia penah tido dengan basikal baru 3 hari"......

err...ok...eherm moving on

He loves his brothers but then i am still learning on how boys play with each other. As the only girl in the house.. i play cars, ace with toy gun, wrestling everyday not to mention running around the house at the sound of boys fighting or if there is way too quiet.. yeah yeah i become paranoid  BUT for a very good reasons...

Pengsan lagi adoi

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear 2 years old iman hariz

Marilah update blog yang ditinggal seabad lamanya. Sebenarnya selalu je depan pc tapi masa Iman tido.bila dah tido mommy Iman dirundung kemalasan pulak lalu membuka movie yang telah didownload seabad lamanya untuk ditonton. Tu pon in between masak dan keje2 surirumah tangga yang tegar tu kan. Kalau ada Iman,mmg x leh touch pc (pc duduk sorang2 dalam bilik k,kena kunci).

So sempena birthday Iman yang ke-2 ni,mommy rajinkan diri ini :)

mommy and tok mi creation

So, Iman. This is mommy's speech for you for your 2nd birthday.

Dear Iman Hariz,

I cannot believe 2 years had flown since you have been part in my life. Now you loves running around which sometimes drives me crazy especially at shopping mall where mommy cannot happily do shopping as you my dear lil hero is running everywhere...sigh...

If mommy holds your hand and direct to where you don't want to be, almost automatically your 'rubber leg' would emerge. Stroller as you all guess would be shopping trolley withOUT the person who supposed to be in there. But sometimes mommy buat hati kering letak je dalam stroller and almost everytimes mommy do unladylike 'punch-in-air' when you succesfully strap in that stroller.Tok Mi pon sama haha

muka ceria birthday boy yang
melarikan diri dari sikat rambut

But you love it when mommy read to you even it is only 3rd page and you yelled 'abisss!!'.
You love to read books in your term looking at colorful pictures but dislike when mommy curling with Sophie Kinsella novel as it will make mommy ignore you. Well dear, mommy is like that when mommy reading k. Ask Tok Mi.

You love it when mommy sings selawat and lullaby you to sleep while hugging you tight. Even sometimes mommy have to stop and drink water because mommy's throat so dry from all that singing, but you still insist (wa akbar -- Allahu Akbar).

You are not yet fluent at speaking.few words here and there. Latest is 'Ya Allah' (pronounce yo ollah)as you mimicking mommy say that when you are naughty haha

iman with his birthday present from atuk din

Your favourite channel is Oasis. (you even insist Oasis at Kedai Mamak..sighhh..).You insist on 24hr (wa akbar -- Allahu Akbar). Mommy can see you reading Al-Quran early.Amin. By now you just don't know pronouncing the word but you recognize it especially Al-Fatihah as you continue 'iyya' at the precise moment as it should.

You love it when mommy take pictures of you. You pose handsomely, cheekily in front of the camera for one seconds and the next second running towards mommy to see your picture. When you old enough mommy will give you mommy's old camera (not my dslr k honey hehehe). I can see you inherit mommy's creative gene in photography (haha mommy puji diri sendiri)

You love it when mommy take you to playground or park. Climbing is your passion and mommy watch you exploring the surrounding. Sometimes mommy have to stop from shielding you from danger as it will stop you from learning something new. You see mommy sits quietly watching but secretly mommy ready to spring into action if anything happens to you. Oh yes, mommy do survive occasionally heart attack from your falling,near falling, all-creative-stunts you pulled etc etc. Wonder how much do I really have until you reach 18 haha worried about that later. You also love to pick flowers or lalang even grass to give to mommy whenever we are outside. Is it a way of saying thank you to mommy?

Whatever it is mommy loves you so much dear..

Mommy wonder did you know you are going to be a big brother?Cause when mommy ask you say mommy you say baby instead hurrrrmmm

Apa2pon Mommy LOVES you very very very very muuuuccch

cake cutting :)

bile agaknye nk sambut birthday ngan ayah huhu

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evening walk with Iman

Let's take an evening walk with Iman Hariz.

We make a routine to have evening walk everyday around 6. except when its raining of course. its been raining for 2 days(monday and tuesday). For the last 2 days, mommy is forced to wear tudung even inside the house because he insist on going outside for our routine. Tak pasal2 je kan. So when the sun finally up and smiling we put on our shoes and head outside.

The activities consists of mommy running after Iman who loves to run (mana main jalan2 neh), taking pictures of Iman enjoying the walk( mostly the pics of his back!), Iman making naughty faces while running when he spots water nearby(aiyoh..sume lecak yang bertakung je dia nak pegang)and playing at the playground.

We just walk around our house area then up to 2nd phase(the newly opened condo), and lastly playground near the clubhouse. Manage to take few pictures of him when we go round and round the water fountain, roundabout and stalking every cat existed at the area. Iman suka buat bunyi kucing gatal bila nampak kitty :p

as usual running from mommy

iman give cheeky "catch me if u can" smile

iman checking out bike **hint to ayah**

nampak air kat fountain tp x sampai

daun mana petik tuh?!!



@ playground

iman yang suka naik tangga

main air

kena paksa duduk atas picnic table

duta vitagen

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

Best jugak lepak2 depan balcony ketika hari hujan. Lagi sedap kalau ada hot chocolate yg berasap2 itew sambil merenung orang yang lalu lalang(?!). Owh ye rumah saya berdepan dengan connection car park dan tower yang satu lagik. So memang nampak clearly kalau sesiapa lalu. Owh ye saya sembunyi sebalik langsir.Eh mcm stalker pulaks.

** Iman asleep **

bermakna mommy boleh la berpoya2 sebentar besama laptop baru kesayangannya. Yep that noisy motorboat engine laptop is resting.RIP? naah still using it when i am back at my mom's.

Semalam hari rajin. I managed to squeeze my time doing cupcakes for my beloved son. I got the recipe from this book. It's a gift for myself for mother's day and been looking forward to use it. Last week my mom brought along her simple mixer so here goes the cupcake recipe if you want to try.easy peasy maa.eceh!

Banana & Walnut Cupcake


1/2 cup caster sugar
1/3 cup unsalted butter softened
1 cup self raising flour
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup mashed banana
1/3 cup fresh milk
1/4 walnuts chopped

  1. preheat the oven to 160 celcius.
  2. readily line a 24 mini cupcake pan with mini cupcakes papers.
  3. add butter and sugar ( guna mixer hi speed sampai adunan light and fluffy)
  4. add egg and mix well
  5. add flour, milk, vanila until well combined.
  6. add mashed banana and walnut. kacau.
  7. pastu letak dalam cupcakes paper. bakar 10- 15 minit. agak2 la

Sepatutnya ada icing tapi kanak2 x sesuai icing manis2 ni (plus mommy dia malas juga haha)

Ok la untuk snacks. Iman dah boring biscuit mari makan cupcakes pula :)

Owh hujan dah berenti...


Mommy's photo pic

iman & ayah @ zoo
(iman excited tgk giraffe)

iman & tok nyang
(a year ago)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mari mengupdate blog

Today is Tuesday ( siap pause kejap masa tulis ni mengingat hari ni hari apa XD)

Well, nothing remotely interesting happened today. I am able to sprawl in front of TV with my laptop as my baby asleep. ** heaven**

I just got back from my mom’s (yeah yeah 5 minutes away) because have a bad headache last nite. Iman had been very cooperative in term on sitting in his car seat. No tantrums (no badan lembik2 bila nak pakaikan seat belt). Hopefully this good behavior continues so it will be easy for mommy to go anywhere hehe..

As usual Iman will fall asleep in car, so when we reach vwmas and his eyes still ‘bulat’, mommy decided to go to all roundabout existed at vwmas. Haiihhh bila dah x jalan jugak(plus tgk jaga tu pandang pelik xpasal2 kena cop pecah umah nnti) , terus je naik 2nd floor parking. Sebaik sahaja stop kereta, kemas2 bag nak angkat tengok Iman dah tido.Aiseh dah tukar taktik ke?

Masak sudah. Laundry cik washer machine tgh buat. Lipat baju..(owh malasnye daku). Kemas basic sudah. Leh la relax tgk cerita korea yg dah abes download itew hahaha

Nak tanya sape2 leh forward menu best untuk toddler.

Mommy's photo pick

opps mommy caught me

Thursday, April 8, 2010

En Azizi, kami mendambakan aidilfitri bersama (harap2 cik azizi misc baca)

Bila hubby dah naik kapal maka bermulalah countdown yang tidak tahu ketentuannya hari ni kira 2nd day. Semalam 7th April plus 4 bulan maka August 7th. dan seperti biasa nak tak nak kenalah plus(minus ke?) 2 minggu ....hurmmm tu pon belom tentu.

Tapi... this time kalau ditakdirkan balik August maka boleh la puasa and raya bersama2

iman yang segak tp tanpa ayah dicc



En Azizi...tolonglah bagi kami beraya bersama2.

Sila standbykan orang2 yang sepatutnya dan kalau boleh non muslim (kalau tak raya atas kapal lagi kekanda terchentaku..cian iman juga huhuhu)

cik azizi tgk la nnti iman sedih

p/s : encik azizi please please please (hahaha kenapa daku rasa lagu tu cam gedik je)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

Right now,we are on our way to klia.
Iman is sitting on ayah's lap playing with radio,aircond and whatever that can be push turn with his little fîngers.
I guess he knows something goîng to happend because he cried when he saw ayah's big bag packed in his room this morning.
... Flight transit to miri then bintulu...
Will continue later