Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hi everyone! nama saye...

everyone is pestering me on my blog. and sometimes i wonder why i don't have one.well, one big reason i did not have a blog until now is i am plain lazy and second i seem to have no time to do something more than 20 minutes in front of pc.

That matter contributed by my-so-called-son, iman. as a new mother(4 months to date), i am still finding my rhythm through this motherhood. adding to iman 'latihan vokal' and 'dont-leave-me-alone' attitude making it just in time to jeling at my beloved pc.(iman hariz ni memang tamo mommy layan menda lain slain dia isk isk)

iman hariz and mommy in front of pc tunggu daddy on9

enough of intro, let me introduce the main stars of this turf. first would be me as the narrator and constant co-star would be iman hariz (my son) and my hubby, mr. khairil aezuan.
i am a fulltime mommy and wife though my life evolved more on both of us (geng mama n iman) as my hubby is sailing most of the time (sigh... )

above all...i love my family so very very time zillions much :D


  1. Well well... hello mummy Farah!

    Eiiiiyy syomel nye Iman dok depan PC!!
    Baby baby lagi da pandai.. ye la kan, ayah die jauh.. kene la menunggu depan PC.

    Huhu.. babies in this modern world!


  2. baby modern la katakan :D
    slalu suh dia niarap2 depan pc bila ayah iman anchor kat bintulu.
    iman slalu pelik tgk muka dia kat dalam pc